Wednesday, October 12, 2011

White Chili on a Bad Day

Sunday evening I decided I would take our water bill and drop it off downtown.  First off, if you know where I live you're laughing because "downtown" is not really what most consider downtown.  Anyway, it's about 9:45 PM, I hit the garage door opener and put my car in reverse.


I backed my car into my husband's truck.  Yup, that new car I just got in March. Yes, the one my husband won't allow me to take to the car wash because he worries about scratches.  Busted my bumper so now I get to spend all day Friday taking it to have an estimate and probably crying when I see what that's going to cost. :( The worst part: Steve didn't get mad or yell at me! For some reason, that's made me feel worse than the fact that I backed my car into his! Geez!

So, what does one do when you've had a bad day? Make chili of course! I woke up Monday morning and got out my crockpot and decided the rest of my week would be good. I wasn't too encouraged when I tripped walking into work and almost face planted :) It's just been one of those weeks for me.

However, white chili is always comforting and this is one of my favorite fall dishes.  It's so tasty and easy.  I'm sure by now you know that "easy" meals are a common theme around my kitchen.  Since I work a full time job and my husband doesn't get off at the same time every night it's not always doable to make a big fancy, time-consuming meal.  I'm tellin' ya, the crockpot is a working woman/man's best friend!
The first time I had this chili we were eating over at one of Steve's friend's house.  I had NEVER had chicken chili before and I was a little worried I wouldn't like it.  Naturally, I only put a very small amount in my bowl so if I didn't like it I could just say I wasn't all that hungry. I think I had three bowls! It was so yummy and I've been making it ever since.

Another thing I love about this chili (and soups in general) is that it's great re-heated and a great lunch for me to take to work.  It's hardy, filling, tasty, and only takes a few minutes in the microwave and tastes just as good as the first day I made it.

White Chili
Printable Recipe 


4 chicken breast, shredded*
2 cans Great Northern Beans (15.5 oz each), drained
1 can white corn (15 oz), drained**
1 can green chili peppers (4 oz)
1 can chicken broth, low sodium (15 oz)
1 can cream of chicken soup (10 3/4 oz)
salt & pepper


Put all ingredients in crock pot and cook on low 6-8 hours.

Add salt & pepper to taste

*I put my chicken breast in whole and then shred them after cooking 6-8 and add them back into chili.
**I used regular yellow corn because I didn't have the white corn

Serve in a bowl and sprinkle some cheese on top :)

And in case you didn't already know, make sure you look before backing out of your garage, I wouldn't want you to back into someone and feel like an idiot because that's how I'm feeling. Hope you're having a good week!

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