Friday, October 14, 2011

Completed Patio

My patio is complete! We Steve still has some landscaping around the patio to finish up but the patio itself is done and I LOVE IT! I have said it before but I really do have the best husband in the world.  He has worked countless hours, literally, I cannot tell you how long it took him to complete this project and did it all 100% by himself.  I cannot believe he knows how to do these things so well, it's truly incredible.
the dark looking pavers are just wet
We still have to put sod back behind those boulders that are acting as the retaining wall and I'm not sure what else Steve has planned.
 My table will go in the center of the circle, hopefully one day we will upgrade to a larger table but for now my little bistro-size will have to do.

Here are some pictures of the process:

close up of the pattern

just getting started

the circle takes shape

detail work

Steve only has 9 fingers now

Greta doing her final inspection, it passed

laying sod

There is still a little work to be done but I'm thrilled with the results :)

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