Friday, October 7, 2011

Patio Update 2

Our patio is still in process but Steve got a lot done this past Sunday.  We were hoping to have more completed but of course the weather did not cooperate last week, which means Steve had to work on Saturday and was only able to work on our patio Sunday.  And he worked ALL day, 8:00AM-8:00PM! He's just the best, honestly he is! However, he can't get all the credit, Greta supervised all day :) HA!
Greta, Queen of the world.
My poor yard is all torn up :(
Steve worked all day to install the boulders that will outline our patio.  These bad boys are upwards of 600lbs so they won't be moving once they're in :) We had planned to have two stone steps going from the patio up to the yard but this did not work out and Steve had to make other plans.  I'm still happy with the results.
making sure everything is level
moving what was going to be a step
figuring out the steps aren't going to work because they aren't deep enough
the middle rock is where the steps were going to go
Our poor puppy thinks she should be right under you (literally) with everything you're doing.  Although this was cute the first 3 weeks we had her now that she's 60lbs it's just hazardous-I've fallen over her many times.  But she's just so cute :)
Greta likes to supervise closely, too closely ;)
All my boulders are in
It may not look like Steve got a lot done but even I didn't realize how much goes into placing just one boulder, and we have 10! Wednesday evening Steve brought home some of the pavers.  We spent about an hour or so unloading these.  I'm realizing just how hard my husband works on a daily basis. I had to take a break in between pallets and my hands were sore the next day and all tore up from the concrete.  It's a small price to pay, when my patio is done even if it's snowing I'm going to be eating out there!
This weekend Steve has to get the sand that goes under the pavers put in, leveled out and then he can lay the pavers.  I'm not sure what we are going to do with Greta yet.  She can't be out there in the sand once he's got it level or it will ruin everything and she will not stay inside knowing her daddy is outside.  She will tare the door down and whine all day to get out-this is not an exaggeration :)

I cannot wait to show you the finished product, the fruits of Steve's labor :)  Have a blessed weekend!

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