Saturday, September 17, 2011

Project Patio

This has nothing to do with food, but I hope you won't mind a post about home projects from time to time.  I really just want to document this experience so I will always appreciate the hard work my husband has done for me.  He works for a landscaping company and one of the perks is that he is extremely handy with yard work and knows how to operate heavy machinery.  Steve works long, hard hours at his job and all week has come home to work 2-4 hours more at our house so I can have a beautiful new patio.

We used to have a little covered patio on the back of our home.  It was nice but didn't do much visually so we decided to build a new patio. When I say we I really mean Steve, he does all the work around here.  I am very excited and so thankful for all he does for me and our home.  He's working all day (SATURDAY) and I just wanted to document the process so I can remember how much of a mess my yard was at one time :)

So, here are some photos of the process thus far (with some pictures of Greta, naturally)
patio after the roof was taken off.  I forgot to take a picture before..oops


the first removal of the nasty concrete

the hubs

Greta LOVES her Frisbee

got it

missed it

got it

missed it


Greta does not like this machine

Steve is growing a beard, hehe

As you can see, I'm taking lots of pictures of this process.  My yard is going to be a mess for a while and my kitchen floor will be too from all he mud they (Steve and Greta) are tracking in.  I'm trying to stay calm and remind myself that it will be worth it in the end :) 

I wish you all a blessed weekend! Oh.....GOOOOOOO CATS!!!! We are playing Louisville in football today!

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