Monday, August 15, 2011

Chicken Pilaf

Are you ready for summer to be over? I AM!!! I couldn't wait for the warm weather and sunshine but I've had enough and I can't wait for fall. I'm sure by late November I'll be complaining it's too cold but right now I welcome the cold weather.  I am sick of sweating all day even at 10:00 PM it's still to hot and humid to enjoy sitting outside on the patio.  :( Even Greta is over the heat, she can't enjoy being outside for more than an hour before she's laying in the shade heaving.  Poor pup.

I've been trying to get rid of some over-stock in the pantry so the other night I made some pilaf (from a box) and added in some chicken and cheese...YUM!

made your pilaf per box directions

Add cheese
Add chicken
 I put 4 chicken breast in a crock pot with salt pepper and half a box of chicken stock and cooked on low all day.  After I made the pilaf and added grated Parmesan cheese I just shredded the chicken breast with a fork and added it in as well. 

I'm really liking these quick and easy meals :)  What have you been making this summer?

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