Thursday, June 2, 2011

Kitchen Update

A few of my friends and co-workers have been asking to see pictures of my kitchen progress so here ya go....

This is also why I have the BEST husband in the world!  Those of you who think your husbands are so wonderful and the best, well you're wrong.  They can be 2nd, but mine is definitely 1st!  Here's why....Steve works his tail off all day (10 or more hours) outside (it's been in the 90's here) then comes home and mows the yard, plays with Greta AND still has the energy to work on the kitchen ALL weekend and nights after work! He's amazing! And I can never tell him enough how much I love and appreciate all he does for me!'s not pretty so brace yourself for the mess!

Putting up trim
 There used to be a nasty piece of trim that connected my cabinets that are separated by the window, so Steve fixed that for me! It looks so much better this way!
Issue with the nail gun

some of my kitchen stuff that's being "stored" in the extra bedroom

Not everything was even in there yet. I still had 3 cabinets to unload! YIKES


Paint in my hair from priming underneath the cabinets-I dipped into my paint bucket :(

More Priming

Finally the BLACK begins!


My little helper! Notice her tail is burred (she is ALWAYS waggin' that tail)
We have made a lot of progress but there is still so much more to be done! We haven't even started on the doors and drawers and we are probably going to need 2 coats of paint! I will try to keep you posted!  Are any of you doing any home projects?

OH, by the way I HAVE been helping...I did a lot of painting, just don't tell my allergist. :)

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