Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Fruit Pizza

Spring has finally sprung, or at least for a week!  The weather here has been warm, accompanied by spring showers.  I'm not a big fan of the rain but I am looking forward to seeing my flowers bloom :) Here in Kentucky the weather changes from day to day.  Yesterday for example:  when I went to work it was almost 70 degrees, at lunch it was in the lower 60's! Today it's warmer again and should continue to stay warm, at least until this weekend.  We have had April snows before and sometimes we get a day or two of 70 degree weather in January! You just never know what you're gonna' get.  Keeps you on your toes and surprised, that's for sure. 

Anyway, I am very happy that it's getting warm and because of this I have been looking through all my recipes that include fresh fruits and veggies :) Here is one of my favorites and it's so super easy!  I got this recipe from a lady I used to work with, she made them better (although I use the exact recipe) somehow hers managed to always taste better than mine!

Peggy's Fruit Pizza
Printable Recipe

1 Pillsbury sugar cookie package (pre-cut)
1 brick cream cheese (8 oz)
2 tbsp FRESH lemon or lime juice (do not use the store bought stuff, there is a huge taste difference)
1/2-3/4 cup powder sugar

*you can use any fruits you like, these are just what I prefer*


Bake the sugar cookies according to package directions on cookie sheet (If you would like to make one large pizza, allow cookie dough to soften then roll out into a circle or rectangle, bake on a cookie sheet or pizza pan with same package directions)

In a large bowl (a stand mixer makes this super easy) mix together cream cheese, 2 tbsp lemon or lime juice, & powder sugar

Stir the icing until creamy and spread on to cookies with spatula

Add your fruit of choice to cookies & ENJOY!

Keep refrigerated up to 3 days in air-tight container (you won't make these last 3 days, TRUST ME)

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  1. Fruit pizza is my absolute favorite!! Thank you so much for reminding me of it, now I will have to make it this weekend for sure! Looks so yummy! :)

  2. I love fruit pizza!! we used to always have it at my sorority house, thanks for sharing!


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