Friday, November 25, 2011


My first Thanksgiving cooking an entire meal went well. There is always room for improvement of course, but I was proud of myself.  My turkey turned out pretty darn good if I do say so myself and I didn't have any MAJOR failures or tantrums. I did have a small freak-out when Steve and I almost dropped the turkey on the floor. YIKES, that would have ruined my day.  Luckily, everything turned out okay.
We had such a nice time eating with Steve's brother, Dave and his wife, Britney, and their two beautiful children: Kennedy and Wyatt.  Kennedy melted my heart and made me laugh while we were eating dessert, by saying, "This is the best time I've ever seen." What a cutie! Spending the day with family was well worth the 4 days of cooking prep and getting up at 7:00 AM yesterday to make sure everything was read.
Britney, Dave, Kennedy, & Wyatt
I'll be sharing my thanksgiving recipes throughout this coming week, but here's a sneak peek at our meal:
photo taken by my sister-in-law
Thanksgiving Menu:

Cranberry Sauce
Mashed Potatos
Sweet Potato Casserole
Corn Pudding
Crescent Rolls
Blackberry Cobbler
Chocolate Pecan Pie

I didn't make everything, I had some help from the store with the gravy, crescent rolls, and pie crusts for the desserts.  I didn't want to overwhelm myself since it was my first time cooking Thanksgiving so I thought it was okay to get some help :)

Here are some photos of our day:
Kennedy dancing
Wyatt ate and slept all day, what a good baby
Greta is wearing out, she loved chasing Kennedy
 We took a much needed walk, trying to work off those turkey pounds....
Kennedy fell asleep, poor thing was all tuckered out
I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and were able to spend time with your loved ones!

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