Sunday, May 15, 2011

Kitchen In Progress

Since we moved into our home almost two years ago we haven't done much to the kitchen aside from some  paint, changed the light fixture (it was a rectangle fluorescent heinous thing) and changing the golden knobs to brushed nickel ones. The kitchen is my favorite room of the house so I really wanted it to be nice and semi-stylish. This is often hard when you are on a small budget but I am excited for a little change. 

After looking at many home decor magazines and getting some inspiration from this picture from The Lettered Cottage (love this blog by the way) my husband agreed that we could paint our cabinets!  I should note that Steve is AMAZING with doing home projects and is so helpful when it comes to doing any carpentry work (or really any "man job"): he built me a book shelf when we were dating, built my garden bed, and did an amazing job on my kitchen bookcase.  Not to mention all the other small things he's had to do around the house and our yard looks amazing thanks to his hard labor! Since I am not as handy as he is and I'm not a perfectionist like he is this project would not be possible without his help him doing all the work!
can't see the detail but that's what a camera phone does for ya :)
One thing I loved about our home when we were first buying was the kitchen.  It's much larger than any of the other places we looked at and although I didn't love the cabinets it was a small sacrifice for the space. 

I will try to post updates as we go along in this small "remodel".  Not really sure I would even called it that since we are just adding some paint, removing two doors, adding trim and changing the pull knobs. 

Here is what my kitchen looked like when we first moved in:
This was actually taken before we bought the house 

My mother and mother-in-law helped paint our entire house before we moved in!  This was quite the project considering our living room was SEMI-GLOSS GOLD with a maroon tray ceiling! And yes, it was much worse than it sounds! Our bedroom & Steve's bath were a dark brown & my mom had to re-paint my bathroom last summer after I attempted to have fun with color. It looked like you were "peeing in the ocean" as one of Steve's friends put it :)  This year when we went on vacation my dear sweet mother re-painted our kitchen "barley" because I felt the neutral tan color we originally used was just too boring! I find it hard to pick between what is boring and what it just tacky! HAHA.

You can't tell from the first picture before we moved in but those can lights were not there. Another project my amazing husband and step-dad added for me :) 

I forgot to take a picture of the other side before taking the doors off but oh well....
Doors off...please disregard the mess, I hadn't cleaned up dinner/dirty dishes

Another thing I loved about our home is behind those folding doors you see in the above picture: THE PANTRY! Although mine isn't fancy it's fairly large. Again, you have to keep in mind we have a small home and none of the other homes we looked at even had one! We aren't changing anything in the pantry (at least not yet) here is a picture:
taken from inside our garage, you still can't see it all but it's as good as it gets
Wish us Steve Luck :)

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